Mariana Tozoni Law and Legal Advice

Mariana Tozoni Law and Legal Advice

I help and assist people to live legally and peacefully in Portugal and also to solve their problems.

Our team of lawyers is ready to assist with the most diverse demands in Portugal, with practical and theoretical knowledge that is always up to date.

Professional approach


Each client receives individualized attention and a personalized approach based on their specific needs and goals.


We establish clear and effective communication, ensuring that customers are always well informed at all stages of the process.


We always stay up to date with legislative changes, decrees and regulations, as well as changes in the practice of law in Portugal to better serve you.


We assist in complete migration planning, following all the necessary steps for a smooth and safe move.
We offer individual legal consultations, which are essential for the best migration planning.

We provide services for issuing visas for Portugal, from individual analysis and advice on the most suitable visa for you and your family, organizing documents, clarifying doubts until sending the application and final issuance of the visa.

Migration planning also involves issuing documents, and we are ready to help throughout the process, obtaining all the documents necessary for your life in Portugal, such as:

NIF – Tax Identification Number;

NISS – Social Security Identification Number;

User Number;

Residence Title;

Exchange of Driving License;

Opening an Activity for Independent Workers;

Opening companies;

Statute of Equal Rights and Duties;

Recognition and validation of diplomas in Portugal.

We also provide assistance to those who are already in Portugal and want to start or continue their regularization process.
In these processes, we provide all the necessary assistance, whether with the case study for individual guidance, scheduling appointments, requests for Expression of Interest, analysis of documents and in-person follow-up on the day of scheduling at the responsible service.

In Portugal, a lawyer registered with the Bar Association can perform notarial acts and our office is ready to assist you. We carry out notarial acts, such as: certification of photocopies; translation and certification of documents in English; signature recognition; powers of attorney, etc.

Our office is ready to assist you throughout the Portuguese nationality process. From the search for documents, feasibility study of the request, analysis of documents, instruction of the request and monitoring until the end of the process. Our Portuguese nationality processes are filed directly in Portugal, and are always analyzed by lawyers duly registered with the Portuguese Bar Association.

We help descendants of Italians to obtain their Italian citizenship. Our processes are carried out through the courts directly in Italy, by competent lawyers. We accompany our clients from the initial phase to the acquisition of Italian citizenship.

Within the scope of Civil Law in Portugal, we assist with processes of Recognition of Foreign Judgments, such as divorce, stable union, parental regulation and adoption.
We also provide assistance with marriage transcription, death transcription, marriages, parental regulation, property sharing and divorce processes.

Within the scope of real estate law, we are ready to assist with a wide range of issues, whether in the analysis of purchase and sale or lease contracts, requests for licenses and certificates, representation and monitoring of clients in the signing of contracts and deeds, preparation of notifications, between others.

In the scope of criminal law, we are ready to assist in all procedural phases, for both defendants and victims, on the most diverse issues of criminal law. This includes preparing a criminal complaint, monitoring the judicial investigation, habeas corpus, measures to change the preventive detention of arrested defendants, among others.


Our team of lawyers is ready to assist with the most diverse demands

Mariana Tozoni, lawyer working in Portugal in the areas of immigration, Portuguese nationality, Italian citizenship, real estate, civil and criminal law, registered with the Brazilian and Portuguese Bar Associations.
I am pleased to offer my services both to those who wish to immigrate to Portugal and to those who already reside in the country or to those who seek Portuguese nationality or Italian citizenship.
Our team of lawyers is ready to assist with the most diverse demands in Portugal, with practical and theoretical knowledge that is always up to date.

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